Christina Glaser
Fine Art

My processes for painting range from plein air studies to studio work. I work mostly from my imagination, but sometimes from photographs, outdoor scenes, or sets, as in Stress Free Fruit below. I tend to work in a more detail-oriented way when using a prompt, and my paintings tend to be more free-form and impressionistic while working from my imagination. I feel this gives me a good variety - I'm rarely bored - and enables me to place my paintings in several categories. I enjoy all the methodologies.

‚Äč Process for painting "Stress Free Fruit".

I work in several mediums, including pastels, acrylics, and oils. I've found these mediums to be best under certain specific circumstances. Detail-oriented paintings are well-suited for fast-drying acrylics, while landscapes - vast, soft skies, flora and fauna - are better done with oils. For pure shine, sheen and pop - as in an idyllic world - pastels are the way to go.

Clay sculptures, mosaics, and collage pieces are amusing distractions for me.