Christina Glaser
Fine Art


My processes for painting range from plein air studies to studio work. I work mostly from my imagination, but sometimes from photographs, outdoor scenes, or sets, as in Stress Free Fruit below. I tend to work in a more detail-oriented way when using a prompt, and my paintings tend to be more free-form and impressionistic while working from my imagination. I feel this gives me a good variety - I'm rarely bored - and enables me to place my paintings in several categories. I enjoy all the methodologies.

‚Äč Process for painting "Stress Free Fruit".

I work in several mediums, including pastels, acrylics, and oils. I've found these mediums to be best under certain specific circumstances. Detail-oriented paintings are well-suited for fast-drying acrylics, while landscapes - vast, soft skies, flora and fauna - are better done with oils. For pure shine, sheen and pop - as in an idyllic world - pastels are the way to go.

Clay sculptures, mosaics, and collage pieces are amusing distractions for me.


A word about linocuts.

Linocuts are really a blast to create, and they offer so many different ways to present.

I start by using carving tools to create an image in some soft rubber pads. I may cut out the shape, or may leave it as a square. Using a roller, I place ink on the linocuts and hand print them to paper. Sometimes I watercolor the image after the print, other times I let it be one color. Still other times, I use a mix of colorful acrylics during the print .... see! they are so versatile!


Some other recent linocut compilations below ... see more under Other Work. You can purchase my linocut prints directly, or at Marguerite's Restaurant in Westport, Mass.